Licensing Enquiries

Why HydroKleen?

Please watch this video as an overview of the HydroKleen brand, the types of clients we service, and the opportunity that is available for you as a potential licensee.

Become a HydroKleen License Partner

Heat Pump cleaning is now big business with consumers aware of the benefits of annual cleaning. If you are in the industry you will know that not all cleaning procedures are created equal, with some consumers getting nothing more than a filter clean, a spray of the coil, and an indoor and outdoor unit clean. This is sub-standard, but unfortunately very common.

If you are currently operating a Heat Pump Air Conditioning installation, service & maintenance company in the South Island of New Zealand and want to offer your clients a premium product for a premium price, a HydroKleen license will help you achieve this.

We offer full localised training and support so that you can bring this exceptional service to your local market.

Talk to us now about how we can set you up with all that is required to get you up and running. It is easier than you might think, with full backup from a company that has over 30 years of industry experience.