HydroKleen is the leader in cleaning air conditioners and heat pumps worldwide and is now established in New Zealand through local licensed operators.

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We clean and sanitise your heat pump air conditioning unit to a standard that others simply can’t match!

The HydroKleen Heat Pump Air Conditioning cleaning system was developed over 10 years ago in Australia and is now a global market leader in this field, providing hygienic cleaning solutions to Heat Pump Air Conditioning systems throughout the world. This system is now available in the New Zealand, through local licensed HydroKleen operators.
The Hydrokleen Total Solution Process saves money, prolongs asset life, and reduces Power Bills.

HydroKleen not only complies with the HVAC Hygiene Best Practice; it in fact invented it! Its ts effective sanitisation of assets to a strict hygienic standard allows asset restoration and the hygienic air circulation improves the indoor air quality for the health and safety of communities and workplaces. HydroKleen’s unique system is also optimally maintained to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse emissions. This asset protection process reaches a full cycle with a considerable reduction in maintenance and replacement costs.

Why HydroKleening Your Air Conditioner Is Important

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By using specifically designed equipment we are raising the bar for premium cleaning of heat pump and air conditioning systems.

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The HydroKleen Difference

Our equipment, processes and systems offer the best and most thorough heat pump cleaning solution available.

Licensing Opportunities

Are you a Heat Pump Air Conditioning based company operating in the New Zealand and wanting to offer your clients the best cleaning and sanitising system available? Do you want to stand out from the rest, grow your maintenance division and increase your profits while offering excellence in service?

We provide our license partners with the equipment you need so you will be able to focus on offering the best service possible to your customers. You will be able to upsell your existing service creating growth within your company.